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SPT operates within the Canadian Sport Institute Alberta and is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

"Working with the Sport Product Testing group at the Canadian Sport Institute Alberta was one of the best experiences in my ongoing career." - Friedrich C., Practicum Student

Sport Product Testing

SPT was created in 2015 by Pro Stergiou and John Horton with a purpose to objectively provide meaningful and relevant insights to help companies develop accurate and usable products for their customers. Through decades of experience in industry and academia, it was known there was a need for these types of unbiased product testing services. We understood that most of the products developed by sports, fitness, wellness, and technology companies have been developed based on real-world needs, yet only a small proportion have been proven effective through rigorous, independent validation.

SPT operates within the Canadian Sport Institute Alberta with access to sophisticated testing labs, athletes, and sport science experts, and has worked with some of the largest sports and fitness brands in the world. As part of the partnership with the Canadian Sport Institute Alberta, we strive to provide product knowledge to Olympic athletes and contribute a portion of profits to assist with their development and podium performances.

Canadian Sport Institute Alberta

The Canadian Sport Institute Alberta is a non-profit organization dedicated to building, creating and educating athletes, coaches and sport science professionals. We aspire to make sure everyone who works with us receive the support they need to succeed in sport and life.

The Canadian Sport Institute Alberta has built hundreds of champions since inception in 1994. Athletes supported by the Canadian Sport Institute Alberta have won a total of 552 medals at the World Championships, Olympic and Paralympic Games: 200 Gold, 169 Silver and 183 Bronze (2019 data).  For more information about the Canadian Sport Institute Alberta please visit their website below.

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